Coffee Lover's LaneOverall, I consider myself a fairly well-balanced individual. I am easy to get along with, a change in plans doesn’t ruin my day, and I don’t have any annoying habits. (It’s true – even my mother said so!) However, I do have two major obsessions. Chocolate and coffee. Please don’t send me any articles about how chocolate and coffee are bad for your health. I won’t read them. I have switched to an organic low acid whole bean coffee and dark chocolate, but I refuse to give them up completely. I take comfort in the fact that medical science doesn’t seem to have made up its mind regarding the benefits vs. detriments, and I avoid all negative information about my morning ritual.  Although I refuse to address my addiction to coffee, I have recently been dealing with my love/hate relationship to the entire selection of bottled coffee cream. I remember when flavored cream first appeared. The only options were Amaretto and Irish Cream, but coffee would never be the same. I have fond memories of my early years, camping trips with my family, mornings spent by the fire with my dad, and my first experience drinking black coffee with a spoonful of sugar. It’s nice to think about, but I’m not going back. My theory hasn’t been tested, but I believe that you could blindfold me, spin me around three times, and, no matter where I started from, I could walk directly to the cooler and pick out my favorite coffee cream in our local grocery store. Coffee with Hearts Without hesitation, I can say that finding a healthy substitute for the blessed/cursed bottled coffee cream has been my greatest challenge. I had almost given up when I stumbled across this recipe yesterday. All I can say is – A.mazing. Really. Emphasis on the Aaa. Before I tried it, I was expecting to have to add some heavy cream to accommodate my craving, but I made it this morning and I was blissfully surprised! The butter and coconut oil provide the richness and the creamy texture I so desire, and the chocolate adds just the right amount of flavor.  I have a large bottle of Heath bar-flavored coffee cream in the fridge, and it’s not even a temptation.   



Hershey's Bullet Proof Coffee
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  1. 1 large cup of coffee
  2. 1/8 t. Hershey's chocolate syrup
  3. 2 T. coconut oil
  4. 2 T. butter
  5. Stevia to taste
  1. Put chocolate syrup, coconut oil, butter, and sweetener in the bottom of a large coffee cup.
  2. Add coffee.
  3. Stir and enjoy!
  1. I have to admit that I have not yet developed a taste for Stevia, so I used Splenda in it's place. It was absolutely delicious!
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