1. A coffee bean is really a berry seed.

Hmm… Never really gave this much thought, but other beans are seeds, so why  not coffee beans? 

Chocolate-covered Coffee Seeds, anyone? Just doesn’t have the same ring to it…



2. A cup of coffee has virtually no calories.

Coffee has a reputation as a zero calorie beverage, but…

Sources I found claim that coffee has between 1 and 12 calories per cup, depending on the type of bean that is used.

3. Red E Coffee, the first mass-produced instant coffee, was created by George Washington.

Well, George Constant Louis Washington, that is…

4. The drip method of brewing was invented by Melitta Bentz, a housewife from Germany.

Woohoo! The company Melitta founded was highly successful! At the time of her death in 1950, the company was worth almost $3 million U.S. dollars! Her grandchildren, Thomas and Stephen, still run the company today!


5. Finland consumes the most coffee per capita.

Keep in mind… per capita means all the people living in that country. If you exclude children and anyone who doesn’t drink coffee (?), the 2.64 cup per day average is bound to be higher!

6. The darker the roast, the less caffeine.

I definitely would have failed that question on a quiz…

7. Hawaii and the American territory of Puerto Rico are the only producers of American-grown coffee

Kona Coffee is highly favored, award-winning, 5-star rated coffee known for it’s wonderful aroma and bold flavor. 


Puerto Rican coffee is “A taste of the Enchantment Island”, and can be ordered in a variety pack! 


8. One coffee tree can produce enough seeds for about 7 – 10 pounds of coffee per year.

One pound of coffee will make about 36 8-oz cups, so one tree can provide 252 – 360 cups of coffee per year!

9. A coffee tree can live for 50 – 100 years.

So… let’s do the math…

50 x 252 = 12,600

100 x 252 = 25,200

The minimum amount that one coffee tree is expected to produce would provide 12,600 cups of coffee, and the sweet little house plant could max out after providing 25,200 cups! 

And, last, but not least, Fun Fact #10…

You can grow your own coffee tree!


Coffee trees are strong, evergreen plants that are grown indoors, unless you live in a tropical area.

They like temperatures between 65 and 80, and require little sunlight.

They can be grown as a small bush or tree, and aside from requiring a little warm water, coffee trees are very low maintenance.

 And they are very affordable! Check this out!


Care instructions are brief and easy to find online.

Growing Coffee Plants Indoors

All You Need to Know About Growing Coffee Trees in Your Home

 Bonus Fact

#11. National Coffee Day is September 29th!

There are lots of great giveaways on National Coffee Day! We are researching the list for 2017, but for now, here are the companies that generously participated last September – 

2016 National Coffee Day Freebies