For the past 5 years, I have been struggling with health issues. 

Many people have told me it’s because I’m not active enough.

Not true.

I was very active until the health issues started.

A week before it all began, I was working on a 1500 sq ft home, going to college, attending my daughter’s school activities, helping my parents move…

I carried 5-gallon buckets of paint and drywall by myself.

I was going up and down a ladder for hours every day, texturing walls by hand with a 4″ brush.

I made my own 24″ x 24″ screen sifter for gravel, and I shoveled and sifted it by hand over a wheelbarrow.

Then it happened…

One morning I was working in the yard, pulling weeds, putting down mulch, etc.

By noon I was covered with what looked like 3 different rashes.

In retrospect, I should have seen a doctor. 

Instead, I started taking Benadryl, and barely remember anything of the next 3 weeks.

During that time, something changed in me.

The symptoms started out mild at first, but have continued to get worse and worse over time.

I have a great deal of pain in all my joints, morning swelling in my hands and feet, occasional headaches, bloating, and horrible, debilitating back pain. And frequent brain fog, which may or may not be from all the pain.

Several people have recommended yoga, and make great claims about the benefits they have experienced.

Yoga is excruciating for me.

Back exercises haven’t worked at all.

Stretching is impossible.

The chiropractor reduces some pain, but not all, and it comes back.

I eliminated gluten from my diet. My migraines ceased completely, but the back and joint pain persist.

I’ve done extensive research on diets, but the recommendations were all different from website to website.

Looking deeply into an Autoimmune Paleo Diet for recipes, I still found too many variables and no clear direction.

However, one thing has been consistent – a continual reference to nightshades.

The solution for me?

I’m giving it all up.

  • No coffee.
  • No chocolate.
  • No potatoes.
  • No sweet potatoes.
  • No sugar.
  • No dairy.
  • No tomatoes.
  • No peppers.
  • No nightshade seasonings.
  • No thickeners.
  • No nuts.
  • No gluten.
  • No soy.
  • No grains.
  • No eggplant.
  • Nothing pre-packaged.
  • No eating out.

This looks like a pretty doable list, but when you add in all of my previously existing food allergies, it makes my recipe search a little more difficult.

  • No bananas or plantains.
  • No avocados.
  • No coconut.
  • No melons.
  • No plums.
  • No fresh pears.
  • No fresh pumpkin.
  • Seasonal allergies to all raw fruits.
  • Seasonal allergies to all raw vegetables.

But… as limiting and difficult as this may be… I’m doing this.

It’s time to stop the pain.

Could it be nightshades?

I’m going to find out.

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